Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Here are some photos showing what goes on in the second half of our day, starting at 5 pm until 7 Monday to Friday.After returning from site we observe a typical Greek town rest-period, quiet hours. Some of us sleep, some swim, others read and rest. A few sneak in a bit more time working or catching up with work back home. At 5 our house comes to life. Students begin by collecting the dried pottery from the screens from the day before. These are bagged with their numerical tags inside and outside and put in bins for the supervisors to sort, assisted by students at the white tables. The sherds are sorted by weight and type. Diagnostic pieces are separated out for further detailed study and photography. Other students start washing the daily sherds we've brought home from the field that day. On a hot a day, it can be somewhat cool and refreshing to be gently cleaning dirt off the ceramic fragments in plain water using small brushes. We have a beautiful apricot tree providing shade and the sweetest apricots for snacking. 


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