Friday, August 15, 2014

Ancient Eleon: The Spencer Davie Story

            In May of 2011 I joined Brendan, Trevor, and Joe for the UVIC in Greece & Turkey trip. Ever since, I’ve had a soft nerdy side for the Classics, I mean how can ya not.  So another self -interest course later, Brendan informed me that with another course and one more animating adventure to Greece, I could graduate with a Minor in Greek & Roman Studies. Awesome, absolutely.
            The excavation in ancient Eleon was an experience I’ll never forget. I could write for pages if I had to list everything enjoyable about the paradise that is Dilesi, or the gratifying accomplishment of finding a 4000 year-old artifact hand-crafted by an ancient Mycenaean. To summarize, my favorite parts (by which I mean the memories that mean the most to me) fall under 3 categories, as broad as they are: The people, the water, and the combination of a gyro and Amstel.
            The 40+ person crew that woke up in Dilesi every morning, climbed into vehicles at 6:00AM, and worked their butts off in the sun for the day were some of the most interesting, hilarious, creative, and enjoyable people I’ve ever met. There was never a dull moment and never the absence of a great friend.  “There are many ships in this world, there are big ships and there are small ships, but there is no ship like friendship.” –Me.
            Dilesi is built on the beach; right on the side of a wide bay. Every 30+° we could sit on the beach or enjoy the salty sea. To top that, we celebrated at the Canadian Ambassador’s house in Athens, enjoying his BBQ and backyard pool for what was my favorite day of the experience. I’ve grown up on a lake and enjoy nothing more than a swim after a hot workday, it was amazing.
            The gyro. What I can only describe as the most delicious invention in Greece, these €1,80 pork or chicken pita wraps with fries and tzatziki are simply mind blowing. Perfectly filling, reviving, and tasting, it’s a deadly good combination of food. To accompany that, the Amsterdam brewed Amstel Lager is named after the Amstel River and is wonderful. If you ever get the chance to sample, I highly recommend it.
            My time in Greece was amazing. I worked hard, ate too much, drank a little, and will remember it forever. Thank you so much to all of the diggers, you guys are unbelievable. I’ll never get tired of saying that I am (was?) an archaeologist!