Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reflections and Direction
Aiden Chimney    
            Now returned from a summer in Greece, Ive spent my days with friends and family reflecting on and reiterating stories of my travels.  As the time has passed, I have begun to realize the full impact the trip has had on me and my future. 
          When the trip began, my brother and I left Canada excited to be going to Europe for the first time to visit a place we have heard about our whole lives, but never seen in person.  With no return ticket home, I was planning on traveling after the UVic in Greece course.  However it wasn't until the last week of the trip, when Brendan offered me a spot on the dig, that I realized the true extent of my stay.  
          Six weeks on the dig went by much quicker than I had anticipated.  Surrounded by friends and making finds daily on site.  Most of the time I could hardly believe where I was.  I never would have expected to find myself working on an archaeological site in Greece, but the opportunity arose and the reward was even greater than I had expected.

          Over the duration of my time in Greece I quickly began to discover that I wanted to learn more and continue with Greek and Roman studies back at UVic. After a year of university in the sciences, unsure of what I was actually working towards, its relieving to feel certain about what my next few years at school will look like. 

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