Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rain brings lemons. We make lemonade. 

Soggy rain cut our second full day of digging short yesterday, and really put a damper on our today. Yesterday afternoon we divided up. Some worked on the cleaning/preparing the apothiki work/storage area, Others went to Schimatari for the museum and other errands. Supervisors headed to a cafe to 'work' on their notebooks - after one day digging? : ) Lunch was as normal as could be in Arma, with delicious!! briam - some say it's the best briam they've ever had (roasted, stewed vegetables in olive oil).

Overnight the sky poured rain. We met at 8 and had an intensive session on pottery processing which I think will be very helpful in the long run. At 12:30 we had another great lunch, this time delivered to Dilesi by Stavroula. We had revithia - stewed chick peas. Amazing. Then we went on a quick road trip to Eretria - to the museum and to the important site of Lefkandi and Xeropolis. It was a great outing all in all.

We hope tomorrow we will be back to normal. We're happy to have some new arrivals too - our geographer and family of very valuable participants and our architect!

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