Friday, June 14, 2013


We have been on site for almost two weeks now, and I am loving life in the trenches. As an anthropology major, it has been great discussing the Ancient site of Eleon and the different types of pottery with those more in tune with classical studies. The finds have been fascinating and encouraging, and I am again able to straighten my fingers after several days of shoveler's claw; although the claw was useful in clutching a beer after a hard days work. After two days of being human weed wackers to clear the site and wondering what I had gotten myself into, we began digging, and I have learned how to use several different tools. I find the most useful ones are the pick-axe, the hand-pick, the trowel, and the water bottle. I have also learned the cardinal rule of archaeology, which is to put sunscreen on your lower back to avoid the 'smile'. Today we experienced what happens when it rains while excavating in Greece. It mostly includes sleeping in,attempts at starting a new trench, and enjoying a delicious cappuccino at a cozy cafe in Arma. It was a relaxing change, but I'm ready to get back in the trench tomorrow with Team Matt, and listen to some smooth classic rock while uncovering more history of beautiful Boeotia.

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